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"Miss Maya is a sweet, loving English bulldog. She looks exactly like a beautiful tiger. Well, that's what she thinks. Silly Maya."Join in the fun with one particularly playful pup in Randy Rothfus' whimsical new children's book, Silly Maya.
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naughty maya

"Miss Maya is a one-year-old English bulldog and has lots of energy. When she gets bored, she gets into mischief. " Young children—and the adults who read to them—will love following the continuing adventures of Miss Maya, which are based on the true-life shenanigans of author Randy Rothfus’s own English bulldog.
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naughty maya

"One day, a very lonely prince gets the surprise of his life when a “whaley” turns up for a visit! This is most certainly not the kind of guest the prince is used to having. How can a whale fit in a castle? Will he knock everything over? What will he want to eat? The prince definitely doesn’t have any plankton in the kitchen. A meeting between these two seems like it would be impossible…" In this enchanting new children’s storybook from author Randy Rothfus, the prince and the whale will teach children that nothing is impossible with the power of friendship. People may come in all different shapes and sizes, but if two people truly want to be friends with each other, those differences never matter.
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